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Many of the flowers I viewed were on overcast and cloudy days, or slightly drizzly days without a sun shining. Many times I saw the flowers early in the morning before the sun came out from clouds, or sometimes the flowers were in dark areas overshadowed by more highly dense flora. It was an absolute delight to see a single flower whenever I did.

On my first day in Costa Rica, I slowly wandered down the hill about half a mile from Poas Volcano viewing point, and walked into paths sort of closed off off the beaten track, just to see what I could discover on my own without others around. I was rewarded.

I think I found the Golden Shrimp flower and the red flower with blue beads in a Butterfly Preserve. I was so busy watching butterflies fliting about and trying to photograph them that I didn't even pay attention to the flowers.

I was in such great awe surrounded by green tropical nature that it took some hours before I realized that I could photograph flowers. I had been amazed by them, and finally picked up the camera. The first  flower I photographed in Costa rica is the amazing Plaintain banana. I stopped in my tracks to admire the creation. Yes, I have seen heliconias and gingers in floral displays, but to see them growing naturally and freely in abundance kept me in a state of wonder.

Here are some of my favorite flowers that thrilled me.

HELP. If you recognize any of these unidentified flowers, and can identify them and their common and/or botanical names, please share details with me.

The bright colored leaves / bracts hide the actual flowers.

Thank you.
photos and collages by Joy Krauthammer ©

Plaintain Banana 
I stood speechless when I saw this banana beauty.

L>R top
UL Golden Shrimp  /  Cameron Amarillo,   
UR  Heliconia Wagneriana Turbo erect (Bird of Paradise) 
Zingiberales family
LL Red Ginger, Red Torch Baston de Emperador,  Alpinia purpurata

LR Plaintain Banana

L>R top
Pink Tulip Torch Gingers, Etlingera eliator
Heliconias (Parrot)  pendants

LR Heliconia rostrata or stadleyii

L>R top
Heliconia Red Opal, erect (Bird of Paradise),   Chenille
flower butterflies like (had yellow flowers),   Heliconia-Costus Erythocorne erect

Orchids / epiphytes (air plants)

Bamboo orchids / Arundina graminifolia
Heliconia Danielsiana (fuzzy)
LL Heliconia vellerigera 'She Kong' Red Velvet pendants,   

LR Lobster Claw Pendant and Pink Gingers upright

Brugmansia Suaveolens-Angel's Trumpet,    Hibiscus, Rosa-Sinensis Amapolon
Crimson Passion Flower, Florde Pasion or Passiflora Cuccinea,    Canna Lily

Purple Flowers

What is it?

photos and collages by Joy Krauthammer ©

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  1. Great Show !!! Extraordinarily Beautiful,
    Love, Shira

  2. so pretty so fun!




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